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Čeština Extra

Čeština Extra

Czech  extra is the first manual of its kind on the market. It is intended for a wide range  students who want to consolidate and practice the basics of Czech grammar - summarizes and complements the curriculum from various textbooks for beginners.
This clear, systematic and practical manual on the use of Czech contains, in particular, warnings of common and typical errors, color-coding of declensions, which allows for better transparency and  understanding their use; many useful phrases in examples and exercises that introduce users to Czech grammar in a natural context; standard Czech is mostly used, but users are also introduced to commonly spoken Czech; basic Grade A1 grammar, which beginners should actively master, as well as more advanced Grade A2 grammar, whose passive knowledge will help to better understand both written and spoken Czech. Each of the fifty lessons begins with a simple and clear explanation followed by exercises.


Author Jana Harperová 

Issue deadline:  2012

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