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Jungle River

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Katja Brvar

A true story weaves journeys within different worlds - from criminals to Indians, from Christianity to shamanism, from drugs to power plants, from witches to simple people, from the mundane to the paranormal. Adventures and insights are being written that have brought the unstoppable seeker of truth to its knees and brought it to an end by delving into the mysteries of life.

As the first white woman, the author had the opportunity to live with the Kogi Indian family, to whom she delivered an important message to the Western world in the Colombian mountains. Genuine contact with them aroused in the author a desire to learn with other ancient tribes as well, so she became a grateful disciple of indigenous wisdom and a disciple of Amazonian plants. But in Peru in the middle of the rainforest, she fell into a fatal trap and life turned upside down for her!

Attention: the book is not for every stomach or mind, but it is for every heart. Intended for anyone interested in intense reading and non-conventional exploration of the inner and outer dimensions of the world. 

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