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  • Verbolocura

    What is  Verbolocura?

    Verbolocura is a card game for learning verbs in a playful way.

    Verbolocura attracts both students and teachers.

    There are two types of packages:

    1) indefinite (with English translation)

    2) indefinites (without English translation)

    3) verbs in different present tense forms

    Cards with verbs and additional cards can be used in different ways. In the package we enclose 20 ideas on how to use the cards for both independent learning and teaching in courses.

    The cards can be used at all levels A1 - B2.

    Verbolocuro  so  designed by Daniel Hernández, Matías Hidalgo and Rubén Medina i Santos, and was first published in digital form in 2015, in collaboration with LapizDeELE, which published a range of game materials for ProfeDeELE  z  verbs.

    When we noticed that the game was a success, we released a new version that will take full advantage of this way of teaching and learning  with a new, more attractive and functional design and careful verification of verbs against the frequency and criteria of lexical availability (Davies, 2006,  Argulló Coves, 2013, Hidalgo Gallardo, 2017, Davies in Davies, 2018).

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