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Giant Winter and the Spring Princess
  • Giant Winter and the Spring Princess

    There are never enough good stories in the world that take you to a parallel world, to mysterious places where different rules apply and where problems are solved in a different way, but still close enough for us to easily empathize with the story and map it into ours. context.

    But it’s not just an ordinary picture book, it is a bilingual book containing on each page translations of harder words in both languages and questions that involve the reader even more in the story itself. We have also prepared an audio book , which is read in English by the author of the fairy tale Robert Riley and in Slovene by his daughter Isabella Clara Riley. The book has an appropriate background, font, and spacing between words and text to make it suitable even for readers who have difficulty reading due to dyslexia or scotopic syndrome.


    The story was written by Isabella's father and given to Isabella for her 8th birthday. When she moved, the story traveled from England to Slovenia and was safely stored in a drawer until January 2020, when Isabella and I started a bilingual fairy tale project. The tale comes out at the end of 2020, after a long year of general uncertainty and social change due to the coronavirus. We have a long winter ahead of us without parties and socializing, with as little contact with people as possible, and the story of the Giant Winter and Princess Spring, which talks about the proposal of winter and the search for Princess Spring, will take us through this period to the long-awaited Princess Spring.


    Who is the book suitable for?

    - moms and dads reading fairy tales,
    - educators,
    - for children aged 8-10 who read lowercase letters in Slovene on their own,
    - for children 11-18 years old who have English in school
    - It is also very suitable for adults aged 19-80, as they can experience the book differently in the light of today's times.
    - Yes, it is also suitable for grandparents who do not find glasses for reading at close range (because the letters are bigger).



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