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Chestina pro life 1

Chestina pro life 1

Handbook for Conversation in Czech by Alena Nekovářová, Director of the Asset Training Center in the Czech Republic  Budějovicah, is intended for all middle and  advanced Czech students who are already learning Czech and want to further improve their expression in Czech to speak as native Czechs. Čeština pro život (Czech for Life) is a long-missing material for more advanced students, which allows them to improve fifteen topics related to everyday situations. Lesson names like  :

- Such a normal family

- Eat and drink! Bon Appetit. 

- Let's go shopping

- Please show me the way

- See a doctor

- Next,  please!

shows the practical and communicative focus of the textbook. The starting point of each lesson is the introductory questions on the topic and the introductory text (monologue, dialogue). Questions to the text test reading comprehension and the ability to express yourself independently, grammar exercises allow you to practice and consolidate selected grammatical phenomena. This is followed by a conversation block, which is enriched with photographs and illustrations, and leads students to independent oral expression, in which they learn to respond properly.​​ on situations. The section is structured to offer many incentives for both teamwork and individual vocabulary expansion. Listening exercises (on the enclosed CDs) strengthen the memory of the newly acquired phraseology. The authenticity of a language is achieved through the use of a commonly spoken word, including colloquial expressions. The textbook contains a section  with the correct solutions, transcripts of listening exercises, a brief overview of Czech grammar and, within each lesson, exercises and vocabulary with German and English translations. Successful work with the textbook presupposes knowledge of Czech at the B2 level according to the common European reference framework.

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